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At AOS when installing systems to new or old dwellings we always keep in mind water usage. We minimize pipe runs and size piping correctly in order not to have waste. Water is something that is becoming more valuable as we are aware with the installation of water meters. We provide a full range of water aeration systems, this allows you to reduce the amount of water flowing from your taps, showers etc. by introducing air. We have installed these systems in hotels, B&B’s, family homes and leisure centers. This can reduce your water rates by 35% annually. Now that we are paying for water its important to do a leak test on your home or business, we at AOS are happy to provide a full leak test stress on your premises. This will identify any weak plumbing or leaks, which you can now repair and reduce water bills and damage.

At AOS we always try to improve on water waste and usage, we provide a full harvesting system for your home or business. We design this around our customer’s information and usage. It’s important to insulate all piping where possible to reduce damage when we get extreme cold weather and frost. Insulation is the key to minimizing damage and retaining good heat throughout the property. Speak to one of our staff at AOS with any questions you may have on insulation.