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At AOS we fit a full variety of stoves, solid fuel stoves with boilers and non-boilers, wood pellet stoves with boilers and non-boilers. It is extremely important when purchasing a stove that you correctly size the room where the stove will be installed and the amount of radiators required if your stove is to be a boiler model. Keeping in mind most stoves are only as good as the person putting the fuel into them. The reason we say this is that people sometimes replace open fires with stove and would have a small fire lighting in their old open fire, where a stove would a boiler requires more heat here for more fuel.


At AOS one of our engineers will call to your property, size the room correctly explain in full detail what is required in order or you to make your decision and move forward. Chimneys are a major concern when installing a stove by no means a big job but again needs to be installed correctly and working efficiently. Call to our showroom, Bathrooms 4U and at Unit 3, John Joe Sheehy Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry, where we would be delighted to help you choose and install your stove.