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Renewable Energy

At AOS we are main installers for Firebird solar systems whether you choose flat panel system or a tube system. We design our solar systems around our customer’s needs and demands. Different projects require different outputs for example B&B’s and apartments require different specifications then your family home.


We design systems on wet or dry tubes. It’s important to service your solar system every two to three years pending on weather conditions. At AOS we offer a fully servicing system for your solar and set up a calling schedule so as to remind you when your system needs to be serviced. We provide a full controlling panel for any heating upgrade required in your home, office, leisure or commercial building again designed around our customer’s needs and usage. The more control you have in your building the less your burn on oil or other fuels. We are fully registered contractors with SEAI and the local authorities to carry out full works to building standards.

Why go solar?

Reduced Electric Bills
Solar power can reduce your electric bills to almost nothing. This top benefit happens because you’re generating your own electricity and relying less on your power company. Thus, you save on your power bill. Your savings also multiply over time! And since solar panels last 25–30 years on average, you can easily save thousands.

Increased Property Value
Are your moving plans keeping you from going solar right away? Think again! Recent studies found that property values increase after solar power is installed. You’ll earn back your investment or more when you sell a solar–powered home.

Rising Energy Costs
Most people can’t control their energy bill because one power company dominates their entire area. With solar energy, you can have control. The cost of going solar has decreased more than 70 percent in the past decade, but electricity costs have risen about 5 percent. Electricity won’t get cheaper either. Going solar means you’ll be in the driver’s seat, not your power company.

Environmental Happiness
Solar energy makes the environment happy by reducing carbon emissions. You can reclaim your footprint in the world now. It also helps move Ireland away from fossil fuels, making the nation safer and more independent than ever. We can’t think of a more admirable perk to solar energy than helping out the country and the environment at the same time.