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We at AOS have been in the plumbing business for over 20 years. Our staff of which most have been with us since we formed the company in1996. Plumbing is an art in itself and needs to be installed correctly whether it’s an oil line, a sewer line, a water mains or your heating system.


At AOS we try to install new systems with as little joints as possible. We call this a manifold system. This system allows us to run pipes from one position A to position B where the manifold is located therefore no joints. The manifold would normally be located in the hot press or cupboard throughout your home, which is easy to access and service if required. We carry out full-pressurized tests on all systems fitted to ensure product is up to scratch and plumbing is correctly installed. Its important to have isolation valves fitted and tagged so as you can swiftly switch on and off water as you require.
Underfloor heating – tested and proven over 2000 years

The idea of using radiant heat to gently warm a large floor surface at a low temperature was mastered over 2000 years ago by the Romans.

While the technology has changed over the years, the concept is as sound as it ever was; heating a large area at a modest temperature (21-25°C / 70-77°F) produces the most comfortable and efficient form of heating possible.

Conventional heating – inconvenient and wasteful
Typical convection heaters can be noisy, inefficient, expensive and unsightly. They warm a room by intensely heating the air near them, relying on that hot air to move to the top of the room before cooling and falling back to a height where it can be felt.

This results in a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere with chilly drafts. It promotes heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. And wasted energy is wasted money.

Healthier environment
Reduces risk of asthma and allergy triggers thanks to a reduction in the circulation of airborne allergens.

Greenhouse gas emissions are minimised due to efficient use of energy.

Cost effective
Room temperatures are easily regulated to meet your specific requirements, providing efficient and cost effective power consumption.

Aesthetically pleasing
All of the heating installation is invisible – no vents or ducts.

All underfloor heating operating systems are completely silent.

Low Maintenance
No maintenance or cleaning – simply turn on and enjoy