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At AOS we pride ourselves on over 25 years of experience in the heating and plumbing industry. We offer a full range of heating products and installation design. Our heating engineers are fully qualified and certified. We provide systems such as under floor heating, traditional radiators, skirting board heating, solid fuel heating systems, wood pellet boilers. These systems we design with our customers on a one to one basis. The secret to any good heating system whether it’s a renewable energy source or a fossil fuel source is to control the heat around your home or commercial building.

We at AOS work hard to ensure we give the best control system available to suit each installation. A typical two-story 1300 ft. square house we would always request 3 zones, zone 1 downstairs heating, zone 2 upstairs heating and zone 3 how water. These zones allow you the end user to designate which zone you require switched on and for the time needed. This allows you to heat your home quickly and reduces the amount of time your heat source (boiler) is on. This will reduce your running costs on average 30% per annum.

At AOS we fit a lot of solid fuel stoves, each stove is unique to the homeowner and we will design installation around that. When it comes to radiators we offer a choice of slim modern steel radiators or the old column tubular radiators. We size each room individually to require the amount of KW required to heat each room. Hot water is sized based on people living in house and demand required.

At AOS we use a modern, truly condensing boiler that delivers the efficiency promised. With up to 25% savings in fuel consumption compared to non-condensing boilers. This gives you lower emissions and carbon dioxide. The boilers we use are designed as a condensing boiler – not an “add on”. The condensing heat exchanger is an integral part of the boiler shell and is located at the bottom of the appliance. There is no fear of corrosion.