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At AOS Safety is paramount and we comply with all legislation governing the construction industry.  The safety falls all through our aspects of plumbing, solar, refurbishment and through our general day to day tasks for our staff and customers.   After a hard day’s work, we all want to return home safely again At AOS twice a year we provide our employees with up to date safety equipment, safety courses and training.  We are committed to consulting with our staff and customers in regard to any safety issues to help us improve our safety record.  Safety is something we work on together. That’s why we make all our employees aware of their responsibility. All vehicles and equipment are checked weekly and our store depot to ensure all health and safety equipment properly functions and vehicles are in good working order.

At AOS we provide a full safety statement for anyone to see, it carries all history records, we do a lot of work for Local Authorities and locate bodies, which requires us to have a high standard of health and safety

During these challenging and unprecedented times our teams continue to adhere to the government guidelines. They have undergone training to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and the public. Our crews will be wearing the correct PPE at all times, while our office staff will ensure strict social distancing practices (picture). We remain to working in the University Hospital Kerry carrying out both critical and essential maintenance.  
The Safe Way is the Best Way