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Bathrooms4U wants to show our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those working on the frontline during this time.

To express our thanks, we are giving away a FULL BRAND NEW BATHROOM MAKE-OVER to a Frontline Worker 🤩🙌🏼

Stay Safe Stay Positive 💙

Check out Our Video Below for Further Details 📹

We were thrilled to be awarded the contract to upgrade and construct new bathroom facilities in Kerry Airport. Stage 1 involved transforming the stock room into 3 new cubices for the ladies bathrooms. Stage 2 involved creating 2 new gents bathrooms from the original gents and ladies facilities.

The role of the Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring that the services and distribution systems of the hospital complex are in full working order. Our team within the UHK deal with the day to day critical essential maintenance.

During these unprecedented times the our team are working on the frontline, while adhering to all safety regulations and measures

Also be sure to look out for leaks after any hard freeze as water may take some time to seep through walls or ceilings. Be especially careful where water stains appear near electrical outlets or lights. Outside buildings should also be checked.

Remember too that Water Usage Charges are due to be introduced. Water leakage will cost you money.